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EDIT: Never mind. I didn't know what a "Ludum Dare" was. Now it makes sense, the author made all this in 5 hours, literally. Quite impressive for that time frame indeed. Check it out

Hmm "half game / half trash" eh? Well at least the author was straightforward. This isn't a game, more like an experiment and a short one at that.

The "game" consist of three "levels" each one testing different mechanics: gravity, movable objects and jumping.

Each one is barely two minutes long. So don't expect more than 6 minutes of gameplay.

Quite frankly I don't know why he uploaded this thing. What a waste of time.


sorry for wasting your 6 minutes!!

I apologize I was too harsh at first. I just didn't realize this was made during a game jam (Ludum Dare) in just 5 hours. As I say before, I think it's actually impressive for that short amount of time. Absolutely not a waste of time :-D