made for ludum dare in 48 hours.

if you like this project, please leave a comment, it makes me happy to see that other people enjoy weird things. 

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Where's return?

Okay but I want more

Who are they, why are they, what do they do for work, why only grapes and apples, or is that what was just available at the time. why are the flies there? what is the npc thinking when they're [redacted]. what language is that. why can't you also eat the eyes? what are they on, and is that why they're so calm?

i sent this to my husband to express how much i love him

he still hasn't told me what he thinks

5 selfless acts of kindness out of 5

because who likes to cook anymore, anyway

i like it because its weird.

Nice, I like it

weird asf


this is fucking insane i adore it <333


no cursing pls!!! there are kids here!!!


thats fucked up

Nice game :)



Points for originality XD


it wont let me play it gets stuck near the end of loading

oops. those intestines taste good?


this makes me deeply uncomfortable... but I still played it twice...

(1 edit)

haha what. i love it


i got both endings, i need more games like this.

how do u get them


well for the 1st ending i got, i shared the goof with the other person,

and for the 2d one i ate all the foods myself barley giving any to the other person!

ok thx

no problem:D



just wtf

(1 edit)

it wont start

push enter


This really explains " You are what you eat "


wtf did i just play

Well say goodbye to my g o o d sleep schedule

love wins!


you've invoked feelings in me that don't exist

No sleep for me I guess

the game of the year goes too..

Show post...

eat my brain


(1 edit) (-3)

Horrible. Creepy and horrifying.


amazing. love it


i hate this i hate athis i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate athais i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this game


i hate this game its creepy

i am so scared LOL

how do i play on a chrome book because i dontthink i have a return button

press enter

Your cromebook broke is fine for me 

Thanks this was terrifying!

The most terrifying thing I needed to go through




A delightfully bizarre game, good stuff!

what have i just witnessed?

what have i played!?

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