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What an odd game

I did a recording of this a few days back, its an amazing game. The sound choice and art style create a pleasantly unsettling atmosphere. This is one of those game that sticks with you for a while because of what it is. Short, Sweet and Morbid a perfect addition to the games of ludum dare.

this is a very interesting game! lol its very strange but i guess thats what makes it cool to me!

this was a great experience, thanks for making this, love the idea and the aesthetic :)

I was simply cherry picking those lovely grapes and suddenly I cut off the forehead of that guy. OMG. My personal interpretation: the way we are producing and consuming food is not healthy and we are eating ourself because we are not thinking of the consequences of our actions. We like that and we are blind to a brighter future. We need to step back and reflect for a moment regarding our relationship with the nature. I don’t know, this game makes you think. And what about this wonderful smooth animations and sounds? Really good job.

Weird style but I love it!

Im sure this game has  a deeper meaning that im totally missing, but i love the game as a whole so good job :)

Strange game i have to say, but i didn't mind it, it was weird for sure but message in the end explained it why was the game so weird lol

Good job

Great experience. Really enjoyed it!

my favorite game 

Excellent. Theme, play, just the right bite size :)

Surreal. Unsettling. Beautiful. Perfect. I really enjoyed this experience. Very thankful you have made this. <3

Wow, what weirdo game. I don't know if I like it very much or if I hated, but I keep playing anyway. Congrats (I think)

Really enjoyed this little game. Nicely done!


WOW this game teached me that eating your brain is like eating grapes...… yumm

What an amazingly visceral experience. I don't think I've ever been as creeped out from a game as when I accidentally ripped out the other person's stomach.

Those vibes while eating our brains... mlem

that is what I do, when I invite friends over to dinner

That was clearly too much cheese for dinner.

Failing to grab a fly shouldn't cost my BFF's scalp - at first I thought. A minute later I was eating brains with him. 

I realy like the game's art style and atmosphere. It was  weird yet very fun to play.


I was exhausted from the Jam...

Now I am

v e r y


Huge inspiration!


Truly fantastic.

Very bizarre and interesting, even better with the sound on!

Awesome !


This project is an expression of love! I really, really liked it!

(Also, lol at poking the eyes)

i am on chromebook so i can't start it because i have to press the return button o start and i don't have one

return, also known as enter!

You beautifully caught the ludum dare vibe hahaha great idea!

Awesome!, it's really fun to explore what's eatable :D very atmospheric and cool art style

Loved the human voice.

Sent it to a friend, he  started feeling disturbed and refused to complete it saying his mind can not take it further. though I'm  still thinking about it. 

cool game


how long did it take you to write this comment?

I can't distill into words how much I enjoyed this

i am a good friend

I love it. Mouse is a bit hard to control since it is offset, but other than that, I love it. Strangely endearing.

I played this in the train and hope everybody is awkward.

Great game

This was somehow... nice? More like a weird dream than a bad one.


I'm eating my own brain!!! 🤯🧠😋

Gross, but fantastic 👄💦

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