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This really explains " You are what you eat "

wtf did i just play

Well say goodbye to my g o o d sleep schedule

love wins!

you've invoked feelings in me that don't exist

No sleep for me I guess

the game of the year goes too..

Show post...

eat my brain


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Horrible. Creepy and horrifying.


amazing. love it


i hate this i hate athis i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate athais i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this i hate this game


i hate this game its creepy

i am so scared LOL

how do i play on a chrome book because i dontthink i have a return button

press enter

Your cromebook broke is fine for me 

Thanks this was terrifying!

The most terrifying thing I needed to go through



A delightfully bizarre game, good stuff!

what have i just witnessed?

what have i played!?

this was really wierd

como se juega esto n puedo hacer nada


presiona enter

what is the name of the song? i really like it.

can u do anything with the flies

chomp them


I really like this game, its so interesting and strange. Keep up the great work. :)


So coooool!


Great game. Represents the kind of thing I miss doing with my friends ever since social distancing came in

e-eating each other?!

Well I'm sure we all do it differently as there may not be flies or apples around but I do like to start with taking the scalp off first to get to the juicy brain bits.

i love this :)

just ordinary human interactions

nice I literally just ate a virtual creature things insides

how do i make it full screen


how many endings are there? i got two.

that case you got em all! :)

if I'd remake something like this I'd def jam mote secrets and endings and stuff in

Where the objetive?

there is none really

I enjoy this

This is... I.. I don't know what I just played and I have no idea what's happening. It's weird, slightly disturbing, and made me feel uncomfortable. Great job, I love it! Visual and music are very fitting for the whole theme too!

happy to hear that i could make you feel uncomfortable! thank you very much for playing!

what is return?

the return key, line break, enter or whatever you wanna call it

i'm currently making my bachelor thesis around dadaism and absurdism in games and this "game" of yours its a really good demonstration of why im loving my work. really great job mate!

aaah, cheers !

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It was all fun and games until I realized I could cannibalize myself. 

1M 50 H4997 1 C0ULD 34T 70U U9

but awesome!

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